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Month: September 2017

EPS 30: Titan Fall Play in new window | DownloadHawks Playbook Podcast Episode 30 – Titan Fall In the News: Team protests, but does so by not coming out for anthem after President Trumps comments. Bill and Keith get into this a bit in the open, and really what it comes down to for us is this: Let’s have a conversation, listen and by empathetic. Doug Baldwin left game with groin injury. Not expected to be serious, but may miss some time, but Baldwin does come out and say Tuesday afternoon that he expects to play this week against the Colts. Dewey...

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Hawks Offense Makes Winning Hard

Hawks Playbook Podcast Episode 29

EPS 29: Hawks Offense Makes Winning Hard Play in new window | DownloadHawks Playbook Podcast Episode 29 – Hawks Offense Makes Winning Hard Open:  The Hawks Playbook Podcast is back again this week after a week 2 win at home against the San Francisco 49ers.  By almost all accounts, the 49ers should be a below .500 team this year, but the game was much, much harder to put away than was to be expected. But maybe not.  Maybe the current version of the Seahawks offense is THAT bad.  In this week’s show, Bill and Keith take a hard look at where the Hawks are at...

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Regular Season Schedule Predictions

Hawks Playbook Podcast Episode 27

ESP 27: Regular Season Schedule Prediction Show Play in new window | DownloadHawks Playbook Podcast Episode 27 – Regular Season Schedule Predictions Open:  Hello Seahawks fans, thanks for joining Keith and I for our 2017 Schedule prediction show!  We had a great time recording this episode, and came to an agreement on more than a few games. But the biggest agreement we had was that we are going to have a very special season indeed.  So sit back, relax and hold on to your favorite beverage as Bill and Keith walk you through each game and predict who wins and who loses. Featured Segment:  Regular...

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Exploring the 53-Man Roster

Hawks Playbook Podcast Episode 26

EPS 26: Exploring the 53-Man Roster Play in new window | DownloadHawks Playbook Podcast Episode 26   Exploring the 53-man roster Open:  Welcome again to the Hawks Playbook Podcast with your Host’s Bill Alvstad and Keith Myers.  We made it to regular season as we face off this Sunday in an away game versus The Green Bay Packers!  It’s been a great off season since we started 6 months ago way back in February, and here we are 26 episodes later.  If you have been with us since the beginning, we thank you.  If you’re just joining us for the first time (Bandwagoner!), we welcome...

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