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EPS 18: Coaches Show Part 2

Open: Welcome to the Hawks Playbook Podcast.  Today’s show features Part 2 of our look at the coaching staff of the Seattle Seahawks.  Last week, we focused on the “Big 4”, Pete Carroll, Darrell Bevell, Tom Cable and Kris Richard.  This week we talk about all the rest of the staff that works with Pete Carroll to form one of the best-coached teams in the NFL.  In the News: This week it was announced that Russell Wilson will partner with former High School star and former Seattle practice squad Quarterback, Jake Heaps to form Wilson’s new Quarterback Academy. Wilson...

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EPS 17: Seahawks Coaches

Open: Today’s podcast focuses on the Seattle Seahawks coaching staff. There are currently 26 coaches on staff, ranging from Pete Carroll as head coach to Jamie Yanchar, the assistant strength and conditioning coach.  Although there are 26 coaches, Bill and Keith spend the better part of the hour-plus show discussing the guys at the top of the Seahawks coaching chart.  For a review of all the Seahawks coaches, please check out the Coaching roster over at where if you click on each coach’s picture, it will link to their full bio page. Before we start with the featured...

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